Russian Visa Center


When applying for a Russian visa or a Border Traffic permit (BTP) we recommend applying through the Russian Visa Application Center in Kirkenes, located at Havneveien 5, 9900, Kirkenes, Norway; website:

The Visa Application Center was opened to improve the quality of service for Norwegian and other countries’ citizens, as well as stateless individuals who wish to obtain a visa or BTP for entry into the Russian Federation, in addition to speed up and simplify the procedure of obtaining a visa or BTP and create the most comfortable conditions for applicants. In Norway, the Russian Visa Application Center also operates in Oslo. 

The Russian Visa Application Center in Kirkenes is officially authorized to receive, process and forward documents required for obtaining visas and BTPs submitted by individuals, companies and organizations (incl. travel agencies) to the Consulate General of the Russian Federation, as well as collect consular fees and issue passports with granted visas and BTPs. The staff-members of the Visa Application Center advise customers on filling out the visa application, required documents, processing times and other visa formalities. 

The final decision to issue or refuse a Russian visa or BTP lies with the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Kirkenes. 

All companies and organizations, including travel agencies, that apply for visas on behalf of their employees and clients, regardless of the purpose of their visit to Russia, must only consult the Visa Application Center with matters regarding obtaining a visa. 

For their services, the Visa Application Center in Kirkenes charges a fixed fee of 300 NOK for a visa and 180 NOK for a BTP. The fee is put entirely at the Visa Application Center disposal. The service fee is not the same as the consular processing fee which is transferred to the Russian consular institution. The amount of the consular processing fee is regulated by intergovernmental agreements and tariffs. 

For more information, please contact the Visa Application Center in Kirkenes over the phone at: +47 909 47 216.