Processing of a private visa

Please be aware that in order to obtain private visa for your legal spouse(s) designated for entry to the Russian Federation, the visa application must be correctly filled out in compliance with all of the requirements set out by Russian law. You can download a completed sample application at the following link

Alongside the completed application and a glued-on photograph (photograph requirements can be found here) the following documents are to be submitted to the Consular General jointly by spouses: 

  1. Passport of the foreign relative for whom the private visa is requested (husband/wife/child);
  2. Copy of the marriage certificate in Russian and/or birth certificate;  
  3. The citizen’s international passport with a copy of the first page; 
  4. Copy of the citizen’s name change certificate in Russian (if any); 
  5. The citizen’s application (filled out according to the sample) or an original invitation where the Federal Migration Services’ form is used (the invitation number must be indicated on the application form under item “11”); 
  6. Insurance that is valid for the entire duration of the visa (a private visa is valid for 90 days).

Children who have been granted Russian citizenship by a consular post are required to cross the Russian border with an international passport issued by the Russian Federation. 

Noncompliance with the requirements set out above can result in the refusal to accept documents. 

The application processing time and the issuance of visas take at least five business days, and the consular fee associated with processing of a private visa is 315 NOK. 

ATTENTION! Since only one Norwegian bank (Sparebank 1) operates in Kirkenes, which does not handle cash and only serves its own customers, consider paying for the consular fees in advance (the payment itself is due only after receiving the invoice from a member of staff of the Consulate General).